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Alfred Wallace Limited Edition Prints

Alfred Wallace Fine Art Prints:

Artist and Mariner Alfred Wallis was born on the 18th of August 1855 in Devenport in Devon, UK to Cornish parents. After the death of his mother they returned to Penzance where Alfred became a mariner in the merchant service after leaving school.

He sailed schooners across the Atlantic between Cornwall and Newfoundland. He later settled in St. Ives and married, making a living as a deep sea fisherman and a marine stores dealer. It was only later that Alfred Wallace turned his hand to painting, focusing on seascapes, lighthouses, fishing boats, sailing boats and fish drawn from memory.

Due to lack of money, he improvised and produced paintings on scraps of cardboard and driftwood, using a limited palette of paints bought from ships chandlers. Wallace's 'naive' paintings were discovered by artists Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood in 1928 who introduced him to gallery owners who promoted his work in London. However, despite this, Alfred died in poverty in the Penzance workhouse in 1942.

Each print is produced on 310gsm cotton rag archival quality fine art paper in a numbered limited edition of 500.

Alfred Wallace Prints Alfred Wallace 
Three Sailing Boats in a Line (Limited Edition of 750)
Unframed £138.00
30.5 x 55cm
Buy Framed £236.95
40 x 64cm
Alfred Wallace Limited Edition Prints Alfred Wallace 
Lighthouse with Trawler and Fish (Limited Edition of 750)
Unframed £148.00
53 x 61cm
Buy Framed £245.95
56 x 66cm